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Curt Sandul

Hey Sandra,

Of course I remember you guys' birthdays. Well, not your Mom and Dads'. You all have been so much a part of my life. I think about all of those memories from a long time ago, how you all treated me with so much kindness and love. I am so sorry for how badly I acted, I am truly ashamed. I just really wanted you to know that. There is not many days that something one of you told me or taught me doesn't come into my mind that makes me stop and smile. Thank you guys for being part of my life!! If there is ever anything that I can do for any of you, please don't hesitate to get ahold of me. Curt


Thanks Curt! I had a wonderful birthday. It spent it in Vanuatu with Dave, Madison, mom, dad, Sheila, and Destinee. We all went on a Mission trip to help finish a Bible college. Madison wanted to go on a mission trip for her senior trip. So off we went. It was a wonderful experience.

I can't believe you remembered our birthdays after all this time. Mom's birthday is Sep 24 and Dad's is Apr 20.

God bless,


Curt Sandul

Hey Sandra,

I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! I still remember. Yours is Feb. 17th and Sheila's is Dec. 7th. Never could remember your Mom and Dad's. I hope you had a great 29th Birthday. Miss you guys!!!!! Curt


And the world will cry after the word of God for without him no can live happy and abounet life in safe and in peace of Jesus ,therefore let the be revival with pouring of the Holy Spirit on the earth with miracles and salvation with healing and word of life and may the Lord send more of servant to his deeds in harvest,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

paula wells

just wanted to say you are such great people i miss yas all a bunch cant wait to come visit with you all love and god bless

Justin Elms

Hey nice site. Just wanted to say hello! Love you guys!

Elvis Buai

Hello, My name is Bro Elvis Buai and I just want to say hello and praise the Lord....The church is so beautiful and the people are so lovely.. May God continue to bless CNLT..

Jawanna A.

The church is beautiful. The web site is nice too! Hello Pastor's Kay and Dan.


Can you open up a church in St. Louis and move to St. Louis County? We Love You!

Charlie Rulo

thank you so very much for all your help through the years as i hope now my life will change and i can be the good person that you all will respect

Ashley Schultz

All the people at Calvary New Life Tabernacle are great people!!! 


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