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Wedding Planning

Calvary New Life Tabernacle

Wedding Policy

(August 2012)

Calvary New Life Tabernacle extends to you the very best wishes as you plan for your wedding. Your coming marriage has meant a great deal of careful and thoughtful preparation. During the next very busy process of arranging the details of the wedding, it is important for you to do some serious thinking about the real purpose of a godly wedding and the blessing that it can be in your life. Both of you, together with the church, want your wedding to be the “very special” event that you desire.

Let us therefore consider some of the specific aspects of preparation for the wedding.

Clearing Dates

Church weddings will not be scheduled for couples living together. The ministers may be willing to do these weddings “off-site”.

All dates for the use of the building and/or facilities need to be scheduled and cleared through the church office. Please complete a “calendar request form” as soon as possible from Sister Kay Maxwell. The request will be reviewed and approved or disapproved based on availability of church facilities or prior scheduled events.

The contact person, on the indicated form, will be notified by the church office concerning the status of the request. If approved the event will be placed on the official church calendar.

Please do not announce your wedding date before you have received notice of confirmation from the church office.

All church dates and activities will receive priority in scheduling.

Because adequate time is needed to prepare the church building for Sunday services, we suggest weddings on Saturday be scheduled as follows:

Wedding and Reception at Church – Schedule no later than 4:00 p.m.

Wedding Only at Church – Schedule no later than 6:00 p.m.

No weddings may be scheduled on a Sunday, holiday, or any other day that will conflict with the church calendar.

2. Counseling With The Minister

The church takes a deep personal interest in its’ people and the minister requests three to five unhurried conferences with the bride and groom in advance of the wedding date. Matters relating to the basic understanding of marriage, as well as the specific plans for the wedding ceremony itself, will be discussed during these sessions.

In the event you wish to have some minister other than the current minister of Calvary New Life Tabernacle to perform the wedding, the permission of the current CNLT minister or the church board must be obtained well in advance of the wedding date. Counseling should be arranged through the minister officiating at the service.

3. Rehearsal

It is often desirable to have a wedding rehearsal, usually held the night before the wedding. This is the time for working out the final details of who does what, when and where. The minister will be in charge of seeing that the desires of the bride and groom are carried out. The rehearsal should last approximately one hour. Please plan to be on time and to have all participants present.

A valid marriage license must be secured from the proper government agency and given to the officiating minister the night of rehearsal.

4. Music

As important as you, the bride and groom are; you will want to make sure nothing in your wedding detracts from giving God the place of greatest importance. The music you choose for your wedding will announce your values to all who attend. Because music has the power to enhance the atmosphere you want to create; it should be chosen to contribute to worship and as a witness of your faith.

Vocalists should make arrangements to practice with the sound technician and the instrumentalist prior to or after the rehearsal, but not during the rehearsal. A brief part of the song may be sung to help get a feel for the service, but please schedule other practice times.

5. Decorations

No decorations should be used that will in any way damage or harm the building or carpet. If candles are used in the service we ask that plastic be placed beneath the candles or candelabras even if dripless candles are used.

We ask that you make arrangements with those in your wedding party to return all flowers, borrowed decorations, or items such as tuxedo’s, etc., immediately following the wedding and reception (if the reception is held at the church). The church cannot be responsible for personal items or clothing.

6. Reception

When food is served in the auditorium, a plastic runner should be placed under the front edge of the tables to avoid damaging the carpet through spilled food and drink.

If kitchen is used for weddings, non-church gatherings, etc., it is expected the party will furnish all needed supplies (plates, cups, napkins, plasticware, etc.)

Please do not use red or purple colored Kool-Aid or punches in the auditorium. Those spills are close to impossible to remove.

No dance bands or dances will be permitted at the church reception.

7. Photography

It is suggested that photo sessions conclude thirty minutes before the ceremony begins.

If pictures are desired which include the officiating minister, we suggest they be taken right at the end of the photo session if taken prior to the ceremony or at the beginning of the photo session if pictures are taken after the ceremony.

Photos with flash may be taken during the processional and the recessional. It is appreciated if flash pictures or pictures using floodlights are not taken during the ceremony itself.

If a video is made of the ceremony from the stage area, we suggest the person doing the video keep movement to a bare minimum to minimize distractions.

8. Clean-Up

The wedding party will be responsible for general clean-up following the wedding and reception. If you decide not to clean-up following the ceremony please make prior arrangements through the church staff to contact janitorial staff. Additional cleaning fees will be agreed upon by wedding couple and church staff.

Please do not hand out rice or birdseed or “whatever” inside the church premises. This creates much additional clean-up effort. We do allow their use outside of the building as long as appropriate clean-up is not neglected there also.

9. General Information

All church facilities are part of the Lord’s house; persons entering should conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner at all times.

No tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or firearms shall be permitted on church property.

Cursing or profane language, abuse of other’s rights, and /or destructive behaviors will not be allowed on Church premises.

10. Fees to Consider

Calvary New Life Tabernacle Members

Charge for building use ($100 cleaning fee)

Counseling Fee (To have inventory scored) $35

Sound Tech (Trained church member must operate the system) $35

Instrumentalist (Honorarium)

Vocalist (Honorarium)

Minister (Counseling, Rehearsal, Wedding) (No Set Fees)

In light of the recent Gay Marriage passing of the Supreme court below is our standard of practice according to the UPCI guidelines:

 Recently, some jurisdictions have redefined marriage to include same-sex relationships and have classified these legal unions as a civil right. On the basis of religious freedom, United Pentecostal ministers and churches should be exempt from any obligation to participate in same-sex weddings. To document our religious convictions, we can cite the official UPCI doctrinal position, which is expressed in a position paper in the UPCI Manual entitled “The Biblical Ideal of Marriage and Family.” Some would like a local church policy in order to provide additional support and a standard response to inquiries. The following is a sample policy. For specific legal advice, churches should contact an attorney in their jurisdiction. Moreover, if such a policy is adopted it should be followed carefully and consistently.

WEDDINGS AND SPECIAL FUNCTIONS STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES The congregation of Calvary New Life Tabernacle exists to glorify God through its worship, lifestyle, doctrinal adherence, and outreach. Weddings and other special events conducted on the premises therefore should adhere to the doctrines and teachings of Calvary New Life Tabernacle.

Marriage. God has ordained marriage. This church defines “marriage” as the exclusive covenantal union of one man and one woman who commit to each other for a lifetime. A civil government’s sanction of a union will be recognized as a legitimate marriage by the church only to the extent it is consistent with marriage as defined by the church. Human Sexuality. God established the genders and sexuality in creation (Genesis 2:21-24). Scripture teaches that sexual relations are to be exercised solely within marriage (Matthew 19:4-9, Ephesians 5:22-28, Hebrews 13:4). In accordance with Scripture, Calvary New Life Tabernacle views illicit sexual relations to include adultery, premarital sex, homosexuality, polygamy, prostitution, pedophilia, bestiality, lascivious conduct, gender-alteration, and the viewing of pornography. While each person, regardless of belief and lifestyle, is welcome to worship and attend functions in this assembly, Calvary New Life Tabernacle limits membership to those who hold to its Articles of Faith and this Statement of Principles and who conduct themselves in a manner consistent therewith.

Church Weddings. Since marriage is a divine institution emblematic of Christ’s love for His church, Calvary New Life Tabernacle adopts the following statement of principles regarding weddings conducted on the premises of Calvary New Life Tabernacle

1. Clergy.

a. Only the pastoral staff of Calvary New Life Tabernacle or approved and duly ordained clergy who hold to the doctrinal teachings of this assembly shall officiate wedding ceremonies on the premises of Calvary New Life Tabernacle.

b. Clergy employed by the church shall be subject to dismissal for officiating at a wedding ceremony or similar function, whether or not on the premises of Calvary New Life Tabernacle, that violates either this Statement of Principles or the Articles of Faith.

2. Couple seeking to be married.

a. Shall be a man and a woman, each with no prior marriage or who have a biblical reason for remarriage.

b. Shall each affirm their agreement with the Articles of Faith of this assembly and with this Statement of Principles and shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent therewith.

c. Shall each have followed the premarital counseling program of [Church Name] or gained specific exemption therefrom by the pastoral staff of Calvary New Life Tabernacle.

 3. Premises.

a. Any marriage performed on the campus of Calvary New Life Tabernacle requires prior permission from the pastoral staff and must be performed by approved clergy, as stated in section 1(a) above.

b. The pastoral staff shall have the sole responsibility for implementing and enforcing this Statement of Principles and other policies of Calvary New Life Tabernacle. The pastoral staff may, in their sole discretion, decline to make the facilities of Calvary New Life Tabernacle available and/or decline to officiate at a ceremony.

Other Special Functions. Calvary New Life Tabernacle] may, at the sole discretion of the pastoral staff, open the premises for other purposes, including, but not limited to, community service or outreach events. It is acknowledged that individuals attending such events may not subscribe to Calvary New Life Tabernacle Statement of Principles or Articles of Faith. However, under no circumstances shall Calvary New Life Tabernacle permit any events or functions which, in the sole discretion of the pastoral staff, demonstrate or exhibit lifestyles and/or practices that are contrary to the definition of marriage as provided by this Statement of Principles and/or the Articles of Faith.


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